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Big Solutions for Small Businesses

Welcome to Biz Baron

At Biz Baron, we believe that you went into business because you were good at something and had a passion about doing it. We did too. Let us take care of your E-world while you focus on the things that you love to do.

Our mission is simple: Take the burden of dealing with your e-world off your shoulders so you can run your business.

How does it work?

We're glad you asked....
You start with a five page website. If thats all you would like, then thats all you have to have. More pages are available.

You can add an e-mail marketing campaign that includes a place on your website for your customers to sign up for coupons or a newsletter. The coupons or newsletters will be designed by us, approved by you, and e-mailed out once a month. More options are available.

If you own a retail store and would like to open your customer base to the entire World Wide Web, then you can choose the online store. We will setup and maintain the online store software and assist you in getting your products online. E-mail Marketing Campaign is included with your store.

No Commitment. Cancel anytime.


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